The most common problem that most designers and developers can face after building the website is the fact that they can spend more of their time which is usually unpaid teaching the customer how to properly use the functions of their new WordPress website. This can be extremely frustrating especially if that client has never used WordPress before.

Before we go into details on the easiest solution to this problem, we’ll first discuss the advantages that using WordPress provides your clients and why it is a great choice when building a website for your customers.

Web developers and web designers can agree that when asked to design a website for their clients the best choice that provides a hassle free solution would be to go with WordPress. Not only does it allow designers to build a website that they can hand over the reigns after creation to their clients so they can use with ease and limited complications, it also allows the client to use the site with ease, that is after they learn how to use it.

wordpressWordPress, as most of you know started out as a purely free and open source blogging tool and content management system is a successor of a program called B2/Cafelog back in 2003 created by the collaboration efforts of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. A friend of both suggested the name WordPress and the rest is history.

Experienced WordPress users also may know that it is the most used CMS platform and for good reason allowing users to build and maintain their own website, add articles, blog posts and much more.

What makes it so popular among web developers and new users is the use of the WordPress’s plugin architecture system that allows users to extend its features, which can be a good thing and a bad thing, given that some plug ins can be incompatible to each other due to bad error code, conflict with WordPress, or a conflict with another plug in or theme.

This can cause the site to not work as intended, but don’t stress too much, it‘s not an unsolvable problem, there are many ways to locate and fix this problem and if you’re a web developer or web designer you’re probably aware of how to find out how to narrow down and find the solution. Here is a great article called “What to do when a WordPress Plugin causes an Error” for help on this matter.

Another issue that your client needs to be aware of is the security issues, during the beginning of January 2007, WordPress faced a security breach and were among the many high profile blogs that relied on AdSense. Since then WordPress developers have upgraded their servers and system multiple times as to eliminate as much vulnerability as possible and also have increased security throughout its system.

This may seem irrelevant at the moment but WordPress can and still is a target for hackers due to the fact that if they can find a weakness in one system it is likely to exist in others like it.

You as a developer need to make sure your clients are aware of these issues so you can provide them the exceptional service and the knowledge needed to protect them selves. There will always be vulnerabilities whether on a more secured site or not as a developer it is your responsibility to provide your clients with this information before you move forward with the process.

This is obviously a great practice in business ethics, as well as creating trust between you and your client that will lead to a great relationship further down the road and bring you more business extensively.

Here is a great article on going the extra mile by Spencer Hughes

You want your client to be able to come back to you for more projects as well as advice and help for their website that you created for them, which is exactly why WordPress is the best option when building a website, since it’s easy for your client to maintain afterwards. Along with this, it would be a good idea to either create a membership site where you can provide additional help for the maintenance and daily use of the WordPress website you created allowing you to establish yourself as an expert.

You have a few options to choose from as well, you could set it up as a paid membership site or part of your design package, either way it would save you time and hassle after the website is created, allowing you to focus on other projects or take some time off for yourself.

Obviously the paid site would create another stream of income for you which is always great but offering it as a bonus puts you in a position to stand out above your competitors (walking the extra mile), whatever option you choose , you will be providing your customers a great service and saving yourself huge amounts of time.

As attractive as this option sounds; it can be very time consuming producing the WordPress tutorial videos needed to provide your client with the assistance necessary. Which is the reason that you want it to be a paid membership site to make up for the time lost creating these videos.

There is hope though; Tutorial Mixer can make this process a breeze, since they have already made tutorials on many different programs and techniques ready and uploaded in its library.

This is a god send to web developers since WordPress tutorial videos are the main theme of their website. All you would have to do is simply add your own logo or website to the tutorial videos in the library or leave them as is and add to your website or send them to your customers and the best part is unlike other video tutorial sources, these guys keep updating the videos. So they are all using WordPress 4.0 and higher in their videos.

Tutorial Mixer doesn’t only focus on WordPress tutorial videos, but also includes many other topics such as how to buy a domain name, how to buy a hosting account, how to change permalinks structure, how to write effective blog titles, how to install plug ins, and much much more. Using Tutorial Mixer will help your customer maintain and operate their WordPress website without frustration.

It also provides you access to a variety of other tutorial video topics that will be very helpful to your customers, especially if they’re running a site for business. Among these video topics you will find Aweber tutorials on how to build an autoresponder and get the web code, write autoresponder email series that converts and other hot topics such as Branding and site upgrades.

This can be just what gives you that extra edge over your fellow web developers and web designers. You can’t go wrong with this, especially with 7 modules of highly informative material; this is the break you need to provide quality follow up service to all your clients. For more info and to see all the videos that are available visit Tutorial Mixer.

Whatever option you choose remember that when designing a WordPress website for your clients that you let them know that it’s the best CMS system and that it will give them the power to manage their own site. It also helps to ease their concerns if they know that the system can be maintained by anyone with WordPress knowledge just in case something happens to you, or they decide they don’t want to work with you for whatever reason, they will still be able to acquire the help they need without having to pay someone a lot of money to figure out what you did, as most web developers know, can and has happened when hiring faulty or inexperienced web developers. This can be a painful and scarring experience for the client, so it’s best to avoid that whole scenario.

All in all they are paying you for expertise and the ability to create a stunning and grasping website design that will represent them and their business as well as be easy to use. This is what makes WordPress the best choice for you and your clients.