We all have to make a decision sometimes about where to register for hosting or what hosting company to move your website to. After being a happy SiteGround customer for more than 6 month now I think we gained enough experience with them to make a good SiteGround Review.

At the end of November 2014 we made the decision to try a new host. Although I was very happy with the current hosting company at that time, my website portfolio started growing and I ran out of disc space. Upgrading was to expensive in my opinion. Because I am a person who likes to get to the bottom of things before making a decision like this, which is not always a good quality, I spend almost three months researching the different hosting companies that are out there. So this is our SiteGround Review and why we love them!

SiteGround Review and recommendation

It can be hard and confusing to find a new host but after being a customer of SiteGround now for more than 6 month I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have made. In my SiteGround Review I will tell about the different services and features that I use and give my opinion on it. Because I only use WordPress I can only talk about these services.


SiteGround doesn’t lie when they say that the people working there work with passion. You can contact support 24/7 by phone, ticket system and Live Chat. Up until now I only made use of Live Chat. Within seconds you get one of the enthusiastic employees in the chat box who start off with friendly welcome.

They are very helpful, patient and very knowledgeable. They really do walk the extra mile for you and instead of just giving answers, they also try to think with you. They will get the job done.

I give support a big 8


Automatic updates. One of the most important things when running a website in general is security. Every day thousands of WordPress websites get hacked. A few of the reasons are outdated WordPress versions, plugins or themes. One of the security features is auto updates. You get a warning before auto updates get applied and they will update your wordpress core and plugins for you.

Of course not everybody is happy with the thought of auto updates, so you have the choice to turn it off of course.

Server side security. The SiteGround Ninja’s even go a step further when it comes to server patches. Siteground doesn’t wait until the software supplier releases a patch. This could take some time to be released, so in the meantime they write their own patch and fix the issue. That’s assuring!

Backups. When there is something wrong with your website (maybe you messed up, like I did a few times) you want to be sure there is a backup available for you to restore to a previous version. SiteGround creates daily backups and they store them for you for 30 days. If you want to restore a backup, just select the day and what files or folders you want to restore. And a few seconds later voilá the backup is restored.

Account Isolation

When I was doing my research for new hosting one of the things I kept reading about shared hosting is that although you keep your website up to date and secure, if one of the other website – not yours but other customers on that server – get’s hacked it is possible your website get’s compromised as well.

SiteGround is one of the first webhosting companies that managed to isolate each client on one server which prevents your site being compromised if another website get’s hacked.

Check out SiteGrounds Security Video:

Another 9+ for security


There are several reasons your website should be as fast as possible. A fast website helps your visitors from leaving, giving visitors a great experience and website speed is very helpful with the ranking of your site in Google.

When I searched for a new webhosting company I stumbled upon an article where the performance of the Best WordPress Hosting Companies are compared. As a result SiteGround rises up above all the others.

Besides that we started using the SiteGround Caching tool and the results are amazing.

I give Speed a big 8,5

Conclusion; after using SiteGround as our hosting partner for more than half a year now we highly recommend SiteGround to you, our clients and everybody who is looking for a new hosting company with knowledge and support, speed and a high level of security.

Find out more about SiteGround and their different plans

P.S. If you have any questions about hosting or this SiteGround Review or perhaps you need advice about what kind of hosting plan you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.