Wordpress Support Services

Need a hand?

Running your online business on a WordPress website truly can be a great blessing. Unfortunately things can get messed up and even beyond your knowledge of repair and sometimes you just don’t have the time to get that one thing done and you just want somebody you can trust to do it for you. That’s why I am here and lend you a hand.

Let me support you with your WordPress website so you can keep focusing on the things that you do best..

Working on the Growth of Your Business!

How Does It Work?


Fill out the form below and press the checkout button to proceed to the PayPal payment screen. After payment check your E-mail.


Reply to this email with a detailed description of your issue or the work you want have done. Also add the requested login information.


Sit back and relax while we work for you!

What can I help You With?

  • Fix your website when it is broken
  • Research the cause of an error on your website
  • Install a new Theme
  • Install and/or configure a plugin
  • Add Google or Facebook tracking code
  • WordPress core, plugin or theme updates
  • Fix the “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support” after WooCommerce Update.
  • Create a new page and add it to the menu
  • Create a FULL backup of your WordPress website (Including files and database)
  • Get your website out of maintenance mode if it is stuck

Of course there are a lot more things that can go wrong and a lot we are able to fix for you. Just create a ticket and if we can’t solve it we will give your money back. No Risk Involved.

Raise a Ticket!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If we come to the conclusion that we can't fix your problem or work we will give you 100% of you money back.



Andrew helped me more than once to fix some problems I had with my website and also gave me some extra tips. If I have a problem with one of my WordPress websites I know where to turn to.

Besides the WordPress Support Service I also made use of the WordPress Setup Service more than once. After he was done I only had to add my own content and I was ready to launch the site. If I had to do it myself it would have taken me a lot of time. Time I’d rather spend on running my business.

I am away on business a lot and it gives me comfort to know that Andrew is there to turn to when I need help. He already fixed several issues for me.
I like the fact that he is very knowledgeable on a wide rage of subjects so he is not only the guy to go to for help but he’s also a good sparring partner and gave me some great ideas to expand my business online.

Andrew truly is somebody who walks the extra mile and I trust him with my eyes closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I strongly believe in building a business where I go for a 100% customer satisfaction. If my customers are not satisfied than I am not satisfied. In the boundaries of possibility I will do everything to make sure my customers are satisfied.

If for some reason you are not satisfied and don’t want to make use of the work I will give you a full 100% refund.

In the past we occasionally encountered invoices never to be paid. Although this was a hard decision and of course you would never consider not paying for a service that was delivered with satisfaction, we charge our customers up front.

As I am somebody who builds his business on trust and ethics my customers do leave here satisfied or I will give a full refund. I simply can’t afford letting my customers down. This is something I personally stand for.

To get started you will receive an email with all the information we need. You can reply to this email and add all the information

We need:

  • Domain name
  • Preferred email address (example: [email protected])
  • Your current email address
  • Hosting company name
  • Cpanel/hosting URL
  • Cpanel/hosting Username
  • Cpanel/hosting Password
  • Google Analytics code
  • Name of the theme you want installed

In case of the advanced service

  • Where did you buy the theme (link to the information page)
  • Purchase code, registration code or serial number

Instructions on how to send your premium theme is located in the email you will receive after purchase.

I don’t like to give out my username and password.

I highly recommend you create a temporary user with administrator rights and send the credentials for that new user. After the work is completed you can delete this user.

Your data will be handled with care and will never be used for nothing else than solving your support ticket. I highly believe in building my business with trust, honesty and integrity.