Wordpress Security Services

Do You Want To Sleep Like a Rose Knowing Your Website is Secure?


Security Consult

  • Your website will be fully checked on several crucial security points but before we do that we will use several security scans on you files to make sure your website hasn’t been compromised yet.
  • You will get a detailed security report and we will give you a security rating on a scale of 1 to 10 with recommendations of steps that need to be taken if necessarily.
  • If we conclude that your website is not secured and you decide to make use of the WP security service you will get a $47 discount on your order.
  • After you receive this report you know if your website is safe for attacks or needs to be secured.

Security Setup

  • Before we start we will make a full backup of your website and do a full scan of files to make sure your website is clean. After we confirm that your website is clean we will begin with the security implementation.
  • This includes making sure that WordPress, Plugins and Themes are fully up to date, several WordPress security tweaks, adding additional free security plugins and configure them for best results including enable firewall, daily file scanning and email warning in case of a thread so you can act on it right away.
  • After the WP Secure Service your website will be well protected against hacker attacks.

Maintenance Service

  • Feature 1



I had some doubts about the security of my websites so I had Andrew do a Security report. It turned out that they weren’t secure at all so I had them secured right away.

Luckily my sites where still clean at that time because if they weren’t it would have cost me not only a lot of money to clean them up, but I would have lost hundreds of pounds because of missed customers and sales.

In my opinion a small price to pay for prevention and I don’t have to worry about it.

Legal Note

Please note that Next Generation Bizz doesn’t guarantee that after your site has been secured it cannot be hacked. The only way to guarantee that is to shut it down.

We do guarantee that it will be a lot harder to hack your website with the result that hackers will move on to one of the other millions of WordPress based websites that didn’t secure their website.

One other aspect is to keep WordPress, Plugins and Theme updated. Of course you can do this yourself which can be very time consuming or you can try our maintenance service where we will maintain and update your website.

Security is an ongoing process which can be compared with a virus scanner. Every day new viruses and infection techniques appear and your virus scanner needs to be updated on a regular basis to be able to prevent infection.

So be smart:

  1. Use a virus scanner on your local machine and do a regular scan
  2. Use a username other than admin, administrator or your own name
  3. Create a secure password, if you need help try https://strongpasswordgenerator.com/
  4. Keep WordPress, plugins and themes updated
  5. And make sure your WordPress website is secured

Legal Note:

Next Generation Bizz can not be held responsible for any successful hack attacks on your website whatsoever after we have worked our magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, This WordPress security service is for self hosted WordPress.org websites only.
Before we start implementing the security measures we will make an estimate of the chances your website will fail after updating. Before we start we will make a full backup of your website and if updating creates errors we can restore the backup so your site will run as usual.

Fixing of errors is not included in this service but if you are having doubts you can always Send me a Message to look at it and see if we can workout a solution for you.

In the past we occasionally encountered invoices never to be paid. Although this was a hard decision and of course you would never consider not paying for a service that was delivered with satisfaction, we charge our customers up front.

As I am somebody who builds his business on trust and ethics my customers do leave here satisfied or I will give a full refund. I simply can’t afford letting my customers down. This is something I personally stand for.

To get started you will receive an email with all the information we need. You can reply to this email and add all the information

We need:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting company name
  • Cpanel/hosting URL
  • Cpanel/hosting Username
  • Cpanel/hosting Password
  • Username and password for your WordPress Backend