Picking “The Best” WordPress Web Hosting company for hosting your website is a very important step when you are just starting out and it can be really confusing as well, at least It was for me did. There are so many companies to choose from and which Web Hosting Company is optimized for WordPress and what does that even mean? Then there are all these different pricing plans. Some are very cheap and some are very expensive. And what about all the different features, do I need 20 gig of web space or will 1 Gb be enough?  All these questions and probably a lot more come to mind when picking the best WordPress hosting company and it can be really confusing.

Before you start reading this article I want you to know that when I did my research I have never found the answer to this question! You can do a search on Google “What Web hosting company is the best for hosting WordPress Website” and you will get millions of results with websites that did hosting reviews, host compare sites, articles about what to look for when choosing a WordPress Web Host and a lot more.

In my search of a new hosting company I read hundreds of reviews, comments, articles. I started looking in Facebook Groups where people asked to the community what the best hosting would be for their website and I found out that eventually it all comes down to personal preference.

Think about it. What in your opinion would be the Best WordPress Hosting Company? Do you prefer ultra fast hosting? Is professional support important to you? Do you prefer customer support contact through email, chat, telephone or ticket system and do you require 24/7 support? Do you prefer Cpanel, Plesk or other hosting management software? Probably a combination of these would be perfect and still there will be a lot to choose from.

And to be honest most arguments from people who recommended a hosting company I have read on forums and Facebook where making sense and that even made it harder for me to make a choice and I actually postponed the decision because I got doubts with every company I looked at.

Eventually I forced myself to make a decision. I asked myself “From all these companies you looked at, which one gave you a good feeling?”. Because let’s face it.. You need to go with your feelings because that is why we got it in the first place right?

I Selected Siteground to be the best WordPress Hosting Solution for Me!Besides my gut feeling I also based my decision on an article that I found; comparing the performance of the best WordPress Hosting Companies. Unlike other articles I have read this one, written by Ryan Sullivan of wpsitecare.com was created based on a performance test of twelve of the well known web hosting companies out there so for me this article made my choice a lot easier.

What you should look for depends on how you will be using your hosting. If you are an internet marketeer with multiple websites than you will need more resources than when you are just getting started with your first WordPress website.

Now the people who already have multiple websites they probably have experience with choosing their hosting company but for those who just get started and looking to host their first website here are a few things you should look at when picking the Best WordPress Hosting.


If you are just starting out you might want to consider starting with a basic account which gives you the opportunity to test the waters and in case your internet marketing adventure doesn’t work out for you at least you didn’t pay for something you are never going to use.


You will want to choose a hosting company that provides a reliable service. If your site goes down or it takes to long to load your website for your visitors, it may lead to click out your site and move along to somebody else’s. They will also more than likely not return in the future because they remember their bad experience.

For this reason I recommend to stick to a well know company who you can check reliable references on. There are many small companies who offer hosting for as low as $0.50 to $1 per month, however, you never know what you’ll get and many of them want you to pay a years worth in advance.

Extra Option and Services

There are a lot of hosting companies that offer extra services for your website like security services which will scan your website for vulnerabilities on a daily basis, SSL, Domain transfer service or a Move service in case you already have a running WordPress website and want to move to your new hosting.


Specifically if you are just getting started you will probably have a lot of questions about your hosting so the company, in my opinion, must a great team of knowledgeable people who can help you on a professional way and they should know what they are talking about.


You will also want one that has the most affordable hosting. Like I said above there are very cheap hosting companies out there but personally I prefer to pay a little more for hosting if I know it will be reliable. You can have a good reliable hosting account for $3,95 a month. You might even get a better deal if you are willing to pay upfront for a longer period.

Conclusion is that picking the best WordPress hosting company can be confusing and ultimately the hosting provider you will choose depends on your individual needs and what you can afford. Personally I chose SiteGround because of the combination; speed, flexibility, awesome support (24/7 chat, phone and e-mail) and reliability. All I can say is up until now it’s the best decision I have made and I highly recommend them to everybody.

I hope my personal story about my search for the best WordPress hosting company helped you in any way. If you have other tips what to think about, what you should look for or you have a question please leave a comment below.