Setting up and executing your email marketing system and strategy the right way can gain you more subscribers and profit than planned. If, executed the wrong way you will get terrible results and also frustration among your subscribers which can lead eventually lead to the decision to un-subscribe from you email list.

Sending From [email protected]

A lot of marketeers never think of it but sending from a No-Reply or DoNotReply sender email address is uninviting, unfriendly and unwelcome. Especially if the first sentence start with: Do not reply to this message…

To be inviting, personal and welcome always send your mailing from an email address that your subscribers can reply to. Be sure to include phone numbers, links to your social media profiles and don’t forget a link to your website.

If you’re the CEO of a huge company you probably won’t personally send your mailings, never the less, your name is the name that people know in your industry. Whether or not you send your mailings yourself or not, it should be send from a name people recognize.

Neglect Spam Filters

As MS Outlook is the most used email client, you should never neglect it and especially the SPAM filter. But there are a lot of companies who do not spare time to learn about keywords and symbols where the default filter searches for. Some of the common words and symbols, which are also the most widely used, used for filtering the email as spam are ‘free’ and exclamation mark (!) at the end of the subject line. But the word ‘free’ does not always arouse suspicion like many legitimate email marketers think. It can be used correctly and in context with shipping or sample, etc. Nobody can disagree that it is still the most effective email offer. So make sure you know the words and how to use them so your mailing won’t be caught by the Spam or Bulk mail filters.

What NOT to do to avoid your mail being send to the SPAM box

  • Don’t use phrases like “Click Here!” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!”
  • Don’t use to many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DON’T USE CAPS. IT’S LIKE YELLING TO SOMEBODY THROUGH EMAIL. (Especially in the subject line)
  • Don’t colour words bright green or red
  • Don’t use bad HTML. This usually happens when you save a MS Word file to an HTML page.
  • Don’t use the word “test” in the subject line
  • Don’t send a test to multiple recipients within the same company. (The company firewall will think that they are being attacked with a mail bomb)
  • Don’t design your mailing in Word and export the code to HTML. This creates sloppy HTML coding.

Buying A List

Certainly quality costs money, which also applies to email marketing. Some marketers say that even low cost email list delivers a respectable turn over, but experts advise that more expensive list produces even bigger returns because of high quality. Another point to be noted here is that when you are mailing to an inferior quality list, you are actually harming your brand.

To avoid harm being done to your brand I advice you to create your own mailing list. Of course this takes time, but with the right strategy you can have a huge mailing list in no-time. My friends and coaches Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold from CoachGlue have this great self coaching package available and they have just added this fantastic WordPress plugin to start growing your email list even faster.  You’ll thank me later..

A meaningless subject line

The subject line of your newsletter should never be meaningless. Subjects like “Company Name Update #47”, “Today’s Career Journal”, “Club Newsletter” say nothing and doesn’t invite your readers to open your email. The purpose of your subject line is to motivate your readers to open the mailing, read it and take action. You can try something like “Find Out What Awaits Us in 2014”, “The End of Financial Crisis”, “Raised $2000 and Introducing New Volunteers”. Try to include information which will grab attention of your readers.

No Testing of Email Clients

A target link which will work in one email client won’t work in another. For example, if it was mentioned ‘AB Company’ in the “from” line, it will be displayed as ‘[email protected]’ in AOL email client. If it is written ‘Order by Sunday for Free Shipping and Arrival by Nov 28’ in the subject line, AOL will render it as ‘Order by Sunday for Free Shipping and Arrival by Nov’. Either some part of the message is missing or the content is manipulated. So such variables must be tested in different email clients and if not, it will have a big impact on the email results.

No Testing

The ease in email marketing when compared to other marketing is the immediacy of testing. If you don’t test your mailings regularly this medium is not used as it should be. Successive and regular testing doesn’t only build your relationships but accelerate the results. Many marketers like to test on a rented list, but wouldn’t mail in great number to the best performing email lists.

Spamming Offers

It is understood that the email campaign is successful when it promotes a compelling offer. Compelling does not mean that the offer should be ‘free’ or ‘50% off’, but it should be of value and relevant to the reader. To create relevance your list should be segmented and your offer must be relevant to your subscriber’s needs, behaviour and interest. When you render your lists you need to select the most appropriate ones and the offer must be created upon the needs of the targeted subscribers.

Let’s say you sell E-books in different niches like personal development, health, business and social media. When you offer a 2 for 1 action on health eBooks to people who are interested in personal development, you could irritate your subscribers and customers and they can even decide to unsubscribe.

By segmenting your subscribers in categories you can select the subscribers who bought eBooks on health and send them your offer. Great chance that they will buy and your email conversion sky rockets. Your customers will think you read their mind.

Read The Mind of Your Email List Subscribers

On Awebers blog you find a great article on segmenting your list called Market Like A Mindreader.

So if you make sure you don’t send your mailings from a no-reply senders address, watch for the SPAM filters, create your own mailing list (Discover at MyNams how to build a massive list in just 30 days), use a meaningful subject line, test your mailing on different mailing clients and providers, test first and then send it to the quality list, segment your list and create an appropriate offer to your list and it will not cost you money but increase your profits on your email marketing efforts.

Give Some Feedback

Let me hear from you. What was your biggest email marketing mistake. Please share your knowledge!