Picking The Best WordPress Hosting Can Be Confusing

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Picking “The Best” WordPress Web Hosting company for hosting your website is a very important step when you are just starting out and it can be really confusing as well, at least It was for me did. There are so many companies to choose from and which Web Hosting Company is optimized for WordPress and

How Hackers Usually Hack A WordPress Website (and How to Avoid Their Attacks)

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If you're worried about people getting into your WordPress blog, I want to let you know the ways they normally do it so you can easily safeguard against these attacks. Fortunately computer hacking is nothing like you see in the movies. They don't plug in a fancy computer and run a bunch of numbers, usually

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Fiverr Outsourcing

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When you are a business owner you come to a point where you realize that you can't do everything by yourself. Especially tasks that aren't your core business. These tasks can cost you a lot of valuable time that you could have spend on activity that will earn you money. This post isn't to show

Solution for the Time Consuming Problem most Web Developers and Web Designers Face

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The most common problem that most designers and developers can face after building the website is the fact that they can spend more of their time which is usually unpaid teaching the customer how to properly use the functions of their new WordPress website. This can be extremely frustrating especially if that client has never

8 WordPress Plugins That Save Time

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You, as well as everyone else on this planet, only have 24 hours in a day where some of these hours you will use to get some rest, play with your kids, spend time with your family, eat and relax and if you just got started with your online business or you are not that fortunate YET that you

The Adverse Effect of the Internet on Time Management

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In the world today, the Internet is the source of a major challenge, as it relates to time management. Traditional aspects related to taking control of our time entailed lifestyle modifications that involved work, family, friends, and ourselves. Considerations for time management in contemporary times require the inclusion of the Internet as problematic to the

Not Customizing Your 404 Error Page Costs You Money

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A well overlooked part of a website is the 404 Page Not Found page. Because this page usually is a simple page that states that the page you are looking for does not exists on this server, a lot of people forget about it. In this article I want to show you and tell you that not

Why You Should Start An Affiliate Program

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A lot of business owners have heard of affiliate programs but don't really know why they should start one. Well, there are a lot of reasons and in this article I will show you why you should start your own affiliate program. What Is An Affiliate Marketing Program Affiliate marketing is a very popular business

Email Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Money

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Setting up and executing your email marketing system and strategy the right way can gain you more subscribers and profit than planned. If, executed the wrong way you will get terrible results and also frustration among your subscribers which can lead eventually lead to the decision to un-subscribe from you email list. Sending From [email protected]

7 Tips For The Perfect Resource Box

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Have you ever looked at a book in the store? You will notice that on the front and the side they always print the title and the name of the author. When we look at article marketing there should always be details about who wrote the article and other important details about the individual placed