You, as well as everyone else on this planet, only have 24 hours in a day where some of these hours you will use to get some rest, play with your kids, spend time with your family, eat and relax and if you just got started with your online business or you are not that fortunate YET that you can work your business full-time you also have a day job so the time that is left to actually work on your online business are only a few hours.

Thank god technology evolved over the years so we don’t have to write HTML code and CSS code to get our website up and running. Updating your HTML pages on your computer, uploading them to your server through FTP and then find out that you have made a mistake or the functions that you need on your website demanded knowledge of HTML, PHP, JAVA and more of these languages that only really smart people understand.

We now have WordPress. A complete CMS (Content Management System) that, with most hosting companies, can be installed with just one click and voila.. You have a powerful, easy to use, easy to manage, full featured website or blog and the only thing you need to do is add some content to it and promote it. And the best part is that it is FREE!

Although everything is made easier and faster we still want to automate more and more because hey!! We can!! In this article I want to show you 8 WordPress plugins that save time which you can spend on more important things like getting new subscribers, new customers and more traffic to your website.

1. Backup Creator Ultimate

This plugin not only let’s you create a full backup (Files and Database) of your WordPress website with only a few easy clicks, setup daily, weekly or monthly backups. Automatic upload to Dropbox, FTP, Cloud, Email and Amazon S3,  But that is not all it does. You can simply clone or flip a website.

Backup Creator

Do you need to test your life website, just clone it to a sub directory and you will be running in just a few minutes and see if the update doesn’t mess up your site.


Basic version $7
Ultimate version $47

View Video Demo

2. Plugin Dashboard

If you are tired of messing with plugins, worrying about updates and ready to start managing your WordPress sites instead of the other way around, then make sure you check this out right now…

Plugin Dashboard

When you setup a new WordPress website one of the first things I do is install the plugins I always use, remove the Hello World demo pages, post, comments, categories etc. Adding these plugins takes me at least half an hour. But with Plugin Dashboard I only have to manually install this plugin first and after that, select the plugins and click install and it does the rest for me. Saved me another 28 minutes.

How much time will this save you?

Price: $17

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3. Main WP (FREE)

You as an internet marketer and online business owner probably have more that one WordPress website. I know I do. When I had only two sites it was easy for me to manage them and didn’t take much time to keep them updated, add content, scan them for security and more. But now with more that 15 sites I was spending almost all my precious time managing them.

Now think about this. What if you could manage ALL your WordPress websites from one place. Install updates, add content, control security, install plugins, users, monitor uptime, manage themes, backups and much more.

How much time will you save?

Main WP


MainWP is free to download and use. There are extra modules (Free and Paid) that can make your life even more easy.

I am writing this article from my Main WP Dashboard right now.. I love it.

Download here

4. WooZone

When you run a WooCommerce Shop AND you are an Amazon Affiliate, adding affiliate products to your shop can be a huge time consumer. After searching around on how to import Amazon Products to my WooCommerce Shop I found this amazing plugin called WooZone.

The plugin let’s you search Amazon Products from your dashboard and import them with just one click. Including pictures, attributes and all other options you can imagine.

Or you just import products from a list of ASIN codes that you create yourself. Just copy and past the ASIN list in the importer and hit Import and this plugin will add the items to your shop.


It also adds the possibility to let your customers add the products to YOUR shopping cart and after they click the checkout button they will be redirected with to Amazon with all the product in the shopping cart and they can checkout instantly. Also the 90 day Cookie option is a great feature.

A huge time saver for all you Amazon affiliate marketers.

Woozone has a lot of more great features.

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 5. Post Duplicator (FREE)

When creating your posts, pages, products, categories or anything in WordPress there is a chance that you have setup a specific layout in your posts or some peaces of text that you always add to them. When you have to add these to every new post, page or item you create this can cost you expensive time. Time that you could spend on publishing and promoting your business.


This plugin gives you the opportunity to clone or duplicate an existing post as a draft and now the only thing you need to do is change the content and pictures and publish the post. No more need to make these tiny adjustments that swallow your time.

This plugin is 100% FREE.

Download here

6. WordFence Security (FREE)

This plugin is actually a security plugin and not really a WordPress plugin that saves time if you look at it. I decided to add this plugin to this list because you might not save time with this plugin right now but it can prevent you from wasting time in the future.

If your site ever have been hacked or infected by suspicious code you know how much time you spend on getting rid of this code (Believe me, I have been there). Or if you are not fixing it yourself you may spend a lot of money paying someone who will do it for you.

WordFence Security Banner


Besides cleaning, you have to spend time contacting Google that your site is clean and they remove the “Warning” in the search results.

Conclusion: Wordfence security may not save you time up front, but it definitely prevents you from wasting your precious time.

It scans all your files and shows you if your site is clean or not. If not it gives you options what to do.

Download here

7. YouTube Search & Insert

If you need to add many Youtube Videos to your WordPress website, this plugin will save you time. With this plugin you can search and add Youtube videos to your pages and post from within your WordPress Dashboard. No need to open YouTube, Search the video you want to add, click the share button, copy the link and add it to your post.

Just click the add video button, search in the popup, select the video and adjust height and width and insert in your post or page.

Check out this demo video

Price: $9

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8. Broken Link Checker

One of the things you want to avoid is broken links on your website. I don’t know about you, but if I find broken links on a website I find it usually very unprofessional. Although I wrote an article about how to create a custom 404 error page so you don’t loose these visitors, it is always better to prevent you have broken links because this can cost you big time.

But when you have to manually check every link on your WordPress website you could spend hours going through your site so you could use a little help with that.

With this great FREE plugin you can check your website for broken links and correct them easily. It will also send you an email if it finds broken links, so you can correct it and keep the damage to a minimum. This can also help you find out if an outgoing link to a page has been (re)moved.

I have read some posts and comments that this plugin slows down your website, so what you can do is activate the plugin once a week to scan your site and when your done just deactivate it.

This plugin will save you hours of work and the best part: it is FREE!

Download Here

Of course there are way more than 8 WordPress plugins that save time and I would love to add more plugins to this list. So my question to you is, what plugins do you use that save you time? Please leave a comment below and share if you find this article useful.