Have you ever looked at a book in the store? You will notice that on the front and the side they always print the title and the name of the author. When we look at article marketing there should always be details about who wrote the article and other important details about the individual placed at the bottom of the article. This part of the article is called The Resource Box.

The resource box is the “author’s bio” and is also called “sig” which is short for signature. To create the perfect resource box you should always be sure that the following points are added so people will know who you are.

1. Your Name

We start with your name. There are people who use their real names while others use a nickname or ghostwriters name. I use the translation of my Dutch name because a lot of people have difficulty pronouncing my real Dutch name correctly.
If you have them, mention your title as well as it creates credibility to your article.

2. Website Address

If the intention of writing the article is to promote your business and you want others to see your previous work, than don’t forget to add your website address in the resource box.

3. Elevator pitch

To create a teaser, you need an elevator pitch which is usually composed of 1 to 3 sentences that gives a brief summary of what you are offering.

4. Call to Action

A call to action is something you also need and it is shorter than an elevator pitch. You could write something like this:

“If you want to know more information about my product… visit http://www.mysite.com.”

5. Ezine Subscription Address

Another part which you can include in the resource box could be an Ezine subscription address for. This allows you to send them fresh articles and information about the new products you are selling. If you decide to do this, make sure there is a separate ezine subscription address.

6. Contact Information

A powerful part of your resource box is contact information. This way you give people a chance to contact you by phone if they want to make use of your services since you won’t be in front of the computer 24/7.

7. Free Report

Of course there is also the free report which will strengthen or justify your call to action.

What not to include!

There are also a few things you shouldn’t include in your resource box:

  1. A list of previous websites which you have worked on in the past. This information may not be relevant to the article you have written.
  2. The fact that a resource box is not a resume but merely a short summary of who you are, you shouldn’t mention every accomplishment you have ever done because nobody cares.
  3. If you post your article, don’t add ads that are not related or applicable to the topic.
  4. Don’t make the resource box too big because what you want the readers to focus on is what you wrote. As much as possible, this should only occupy 10% to 20% of the webpage.

The Article marketing business is a business of a giving and receiving agreement. You contribute articles which reach out to a specific audience in the hopes that people will be able to visit the site without any cost to you. The resource box which can be found at the bottom of each article is the key to making this happen. Therefor it is of great importance to put your name, web address, elevator pitch and call to action there.

If you want to reach a big audience I advice you to post your articles on different websites.

Please let us know what else works for you with creating the perfect resource box.