When you are a business owner you come to a point where you realize that you can’t do everything by yourself. Especially tasks that aren’t your core business. These tasks can cost you a lot of valuable time that you could have spend on activity that will earn you money. This post isn’t to show you why you should outsource, this post is for people who are already outsourcing or thinking about outsourcing. In this post I want to talk to you about a website called Fiverr and give you 5 tips how to get the most from outsourcing on Fiverr.

When you are looking for ways to outsource you will notice that Fiverr is a great place to get started. It is easy to use, Cheap (You can find gigs starting from $5) and there are a lot of people that offer a variety of skills. You can find Logo designers, writers, translators, social media experts, WordPress wizards, voice-overs, video editors, programmers, you name it and I bet you can find one that offers the skill. You can find the craziest things on Fiverr. There are even people who offer an hour of playing an online game with you. (Like I said. Everything)

Now you have to keep in mind that everybody can signup as a Fiverr seller and of course there are different levels of skills out there. Some are beginners and some have advanced skills. Trust me, there are some very good people out there.

I hear a lot of people say that they have had a bad experience on Fiverr and that they will never use it again. Well, keep in mind that you don’t know the person who you are ordering a gig with, so you don’t know their level of experience. It’s always possible you get low quality results. Not only on Fiverr, but also on Elance or other outsourcing platforms. Even in real life you will get this experience. You can hire a plummer to fix your leakage in your bathroom and one week later the leakage is there again.

So my advice, don’t bitch about it and just try again with somebody else. And come on. Don’t expect everything to be AMAZING for $5!

Long story short.. It happens. I am even going to tell you that sometimes you are to blame for you bad experience. So this is what you can do to get the most out from Fiverr Outsourcing.

Look at Reviews, Positive Rating and How Many Times The Gig Has Been Ordered

Before you order your gig with a person that is selling on Fiverr take a look at their rating and reviews. You can tell a lot about this person. When a Fiverr seller delivers his or her order you as a buyer can leave a rating and a review. On their gig profile you can see their Positive rating. Don’t jump to conclusions when a seller has 100% positive rating, first you look at how many times this seller has sold the gig. If it has been sold 4 times and all 4 gave a positive rating than you are still not sure. Look at the combination of positive reviews X Positive Rating X number of times the gig has been ordered.

Carefully read the Gig description

Always read the gig description thoroughly. A lot of seller give clear instructions on what is included in the gig. In a lot of cases there is an option to order Gig Extras. Some sellers demand you contact them first to discuss your wishes before ordering a gig. Keep in mind that Fiverr sellers also run their business and that rating and reviews are important to them as well. If they need to cancel an order because they can’t fulfill your demand that will cost them statistics because every action will be monitored by Fiverr.


What better way to make sure that a Fiverr seller is the person for the job is let them do a test. Example: You have 20 articles you want to have rewritten. Of course you can just dump the 20 articles with a re-writer and hope for the best, but in my experience it helps to just test a few Fiverr sellers. Find 4 or 5 re-writers and send them all 1 article to rewrite. (Write down which article you send to who). When the articles are delivered you go through them and you judge them. The one that looks best, feels best you can use for the rest of the articles. It may cost you $20 or $25 but after that you probably have found the person for the job.

Give Clear and Detailed Instructions

“Please create a Logo for my company”….. What are the chances a logo designer will come up with a logo that you are happy with. This is also a good one: “Can you create a great looking website for me?”. Always keep in mind that you already created an image in your head of what you want but the person who is supposed to create it can’t look into your head. Try to get your “image” transferred to the other person. Give examples. Tell about your company, look on the internet for websites that you like and tell them what you like about it, the design, colors, layout or functions, style etc. If you want a problem fixed, be specific about the problem. What is happening now and what should be happening. Do you want to have an article rewritten? What style should be used, official, personal, do you want to use complicated words or simple words, who are your visitors and what is important to you in the rewritten article.

Be Nice

First of all I am a great believer in Karma. Keep in mind that on the other end there is also a person. Treat the seller with respect and be nice. Great chance they will treat you the same and even go the extra mile for you, do something extra. If you are not satisfied with the result that has been delivered, give them a chance to make corrections by requesting a modification before you start giving a bad rating or a bad review. Keep in mind that sellers can also rate their buyers and can make decisions to accept you as a customer based on these ratings.

Fiverr can be a great and fun way to start outsourcing so to get the most out of Fiverr outsourcing you should always look at the reviews, ratings and number of sales, carefully read the gig description, test the sellers, be clear and give detailed instructions and most important: be nice. If you want more tips on outsourcing grab a free copy of The Essential Guide to Outsourcing.

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